***_Eté 2010_Nantes – Zaragoza_***

Peinture collectif avec 100pression a Zaragoza, ESPAGNE


The Fifth Assault returns to the walls, to the great walls, the facades. the Fifth Assault returns to its origins, to the origins of the Urban Art, to the art for all the public.

The old town of Saragossa fills again of color, new forms and new messages of the hand of the best selected national and international selected among more than one hundred twenty projects that during one week becomes Saragosse capital in the capital of the urban art.

From the Fifth Assault we propose a form different to walk and to discover Saragosse, to watch at the buildings and not to stop being surprised. We invite you to discover a new landscape to you: the Saragossa of the Assault.


Merci à toutes l’équipe d’Asalto pour l’accueil et la super organisation.

Big up au Autres artistes present sur le festival :

310 Squad (Rusia), Boa Mistura (España), Chikita (España), CFSN+ (España), Dado e Stefy (Italia), Danjer (España), Facade Printer (Alemania), Full & Isaac M. (España), Human Beans (España), Jaime Miralles (España), Kenor (España), Laguna (España), Makiniko (España), Malakkai (España), ROA (Bélgica), Scheme (Rusia), Skount (España)

Ci dessous, quelques photos des travaux des autres artistes presents. Plus de photos sur le lien : http://asaltoproduccion.es/asaltos/asalto5.php

Soirer human beans.



Collectif Bua Mistura.

Sketch by blue.

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